Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pulp Winds, by Wm. Michael Mott

Pulp Winds Pulp Winds by Wm. Michael Mott

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I've been a fan of author and artist Wm. Michael Mott's work for years. This is a collection of most of his shorter fantasy works, both prose and poetry, with a little artwork and non-fiction thrown in. Most have been published before in chapbooks, on line magazines and other places, but this is their first appearance collected all together.

The stories range from Lovecraftian pastiches such as "The Testament of Peabody" to humorous tall tales in the tradition of Robert E. Howard's boxing stories as in "Fisticuffs of the Damned". While Mott's literary influences seem obvious: H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Jack Vance, Clark Ashton Smith, Charles Fort spring to mind most prominently, his work still rises above much of the mundane and repetitive stuff that one finds when reading the usual modern day pastiches in the Cthulhu Mythos, Dying Earth and Epic Fantasy genres.

Mott retains his own original voice in his loving homages to the old time pulp greats, and his work has a unique humor of it's own. His characters are all too human, which makes their situations, whether horrific or humorous or an adventurous mix of both much more enjoyable.

Disclosure, the author is a long time correspondent and epistolary friend, but the stories and poems are truly worth checking out for any one who enjoys fantasy, adventure, horror, and humor.

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